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Our Mission

The Princeton Centrist is a non-partisan campus publication that seeks to promote targeted, evidence-driven fixes to local, national, and global issues. We support the free exchange of any and all respectful, well-articulated ideas through our monthly publication.


We aspire to overcome what we see as a loss of nuance in public debate, a loss of nuance that has seeped onto Princeton’s campus and into the pages of its current publications. Ultimately, we believe that this loss of nuance generates burgeoning animus, inefficient and ineffective governance, and declining faith in public institutions. These are scary trends, trends that can only be ameliorated if we are to transcend the hypocrisy, rancor, and inability to compromise that have defined our increasingly partisan times. Our desire for moderation does not imply a lack of innovative passion. Rather, we accept that most real-world issues are nuanced, and merit expansive and thoughtful discussion. We welcome those from across the political spectrum who are ready to join us in that discussion.


Indeed, we aim to attract those students who care more about results and problem-solving than straw-men attacks and fanaticism. We seek to rise above current partisan strife through reason-based argumentation, believing that the litmus test of a good idea is not whether it adheres to prescribed standards of ideological purity, but rather whether there is strong evidence to support it. In any given article, we will take an issue, say gun-violence, define it, and then develop a pathway toward improving the status quo. This pathway could be a holistic approach with many solutions explored or a targeted option that could make substantive headway. Any controversial and highly-politicized issue will have a published counterpoint in which the author will present a counter-proposal (In other words, this counterpoint will do more than simply present an argument that the other side’s idea is non-optimal. Instead, it will present an argument for a superior alternative.)  


The Princeton Centrist offers a platform for that majority of students who care more about improving the status quo than picking ill-advised and unproductive political battles. The Princeton Centrist is a publication of ideas not polemics, of reason not reaction, and of policy not politics.